Why Entrepreneurship?

Morocco, May 2014


After a disagreement with our development team back in October, I began to think about how a whole year of my life had gone by completely devoted to my project. I began to think that at that point I could have been 1/3 of a lawyer, $ ____ wealthier, maybe even a few countries wiser, but instead, I was entirely focused on one goal — bringing this idea to life. In the process, I gained the knowledge of building something out of thin air, managing a tech team (whilst previously having no tech background), and all of the nuances in between.

Anyhow, this is not a story about how or why I decided to pursue Kitchen Connection, as there is an entire story about how that happened, but rather, why entrepreneurship — and back on that topic, when beginning work on a startup, the belief is what will guide you through, not a belief in religion necessarily, but the trust in yourself to push forward, with an unwavering belief in your idea and the belief that society with help to birth and nurture it.

I did do the one thing that I love most in this world (outside of the obvious fam +friends + doggy)— travel. Also in the pursuit of this goal, I explored a bit outside of the US, and it enlightened me in the different reasons why one should travel. After all, without the trip to the Expo in Milan this summer, I wouldn’t have otherwise met as many global foodies. Truth is, I didn’t actively seek to travel there for business. I went to the conference because it seemed inspiring and intuitively beneficial, even for personal pursuits. My intuition (belief) organically led me to connect with the right people that were certainly helpful to nurture Kitchen Connection. They even motivated me to stay at the Expo for one day longer than anticipated.

The ultimate question is in response to this quote by Jim Carrey: “you can fail at what don’t love – so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.” So why entrepreneurship? Because instead of failing at something that I don’t love, I prefer to take the risk at what I love. Because it is you (me). It is a reflection of your (my) ideas, your (my) beliefs, your (my) aspirations, all in one — paired with so much of you (me) that is yet to be discovered.

Every day is a new, exciting and fearful day of discovery, but, as the saying goes, if I do the thing that I fear, then the death of fear is certain, right? On that note, fast-forward 3 years since the initial ‘idea’ that inspired KC, and I’m more resilient than ever before, closer to yet farther from the finish line than I’ll ever be. And while the fear of following through with an idea might die, the ideas themselves are bulletproof (thanks, V for Vendetta) — transcending my lifetime and all that I may contribute to it.


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