New York Foodie Tour 3: Coney Island – Brighton Beach: From the US TO the USSR

It’s fantastic. The way that New York City morphs and transforms itself from one subway stop to the next, its food flowing with it.
Coney Island: the perfect example.
It was once a place for the elite and only them. Land purchased from Native Americans by the Dutch. An island destined for peoples of economic stature. After all, you could only get there by private boat.
The subway changed everything, making the beach destination one-for-all, pushing the elites towards the Hampton’s.
It has suffered through recessions and depressions, crime and hurricanes, but the magic is still there.
The magic that brought German immigrants from Frankfurt to sell frankfurters on the boardwalk, since transforming the name to what looked like a hot dog. The birth of Nathan’s Famous.  
The birth of the boardwalk as a culinary destination and a hotdog eating contest, which 100+ years later is still the largest in the world.
A few steps down the boardwalk later, and you’re in Brighton beach – Little Odessa, welcome to Russia. The Washington Heights of the USSR.
It is here where you can find everything from Russian beer to sausages.
Russian Sausage
PA063594.JPGRussian Soda


Assortment of European Beer
Georgian bread and Russian night clubs.  Walnuts on everything.
It’s the unique way in which the Russian Community post USSR became even more unified here in New York City!


Georgian Bread
Places of interest:
**Take the train to Coney Island and Walk to Brighton Beach along the boardwalk
1. Nathan’s Famous – place of original hot dog stand, where contest takes place each 4th of July – celebrating 100 years!
2. Brighton Bazaar – Russian Supermarket — buffet of fresh foods each day, including blinis – Russian pancakes
3. Toné Café— place to find Georgian bread
4. National — Russian restaurant and Night Club — Level: Fancy!

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