NYC Food Tour #4: From Arabia to the West Indies in Brooklyn


Step onto Atlantic Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and leave the United States. You’re welcome.

I’m biased towards Mediterranean foods, so when my class toured a community that was primarily Lebanese, Syrian, and Yemeni, you bet my tummy was having a party.


On this Avenue, you step foot in what was once home to the royals and the elites of Brooklyn — try to picture a Brooklyn where there are horse-drawn carriages and gentry. Servant’s quarters and all.

Now, think of a Brooklyn which bleeds Middle Eastern spices, where you can find halva of all kinds, where finding the right pita bread is actually quite the challenge in the best of ways.


This is the Brooklyn that we’re talking about.


This is the Brooklyn that we’re talking about. #yes


Now, take a train to Flatbush Avenue, also in Brooklyn. You’ve left the Mediterranean. Here, you’re hit with the aroma of the Caribbean. I invite you to walk up and down the streets, trying whatever food appeals to your senses.


I’m talking about #jerk #chicken here!


And pastries. Oh, the pastries. ❤


Coconut Buns and More @ Errol’s Carribean Bakery


Oh, and please, don’t forget your roti, and the art that is Indian-Caribbean food.


Because you need Coffee, Water, and Ginger in Your life

Places of Interest: 

Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Court Streets

1.     Sahadi Importing Company – 187 Atlantic Avenue – all kinds of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern goods

2.     Oriental Pastry and Grocery Corp – 170 Atlantic Avenue

3.     Tripoli Restaurant – 156 Atlantic Avenue – for Lebanese food

4.     Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop – 195 Atlantic Avenue

Take the 4 Train for Borough Hall to Atlantic Avenue, Transfer to the B to Church Avenue

5.     Flatbush Caton Market – 814 Flatbush Avenue – for traditional West Indie Goods and products

6.     Peppa’s Jerk Chicken – 738 Flatbush Avenue

7.     Errol’s Bakery and Catering – 661 Flatbush Avenue – for coconut buns and all kinds of pastries

8.     Ali’s Roti Shop – 589 Flatbush Avenue – Trinidadian Rotis

9.     Culpepper’s – 1082 Nostrand Avenue – Caribbean food

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