About Me


Just another pilgrim with a passion for food, people and travel.

When I’m not dancing, photographing, working on my social venture, or writing, I’m planning my next adventure… will you be a part of it?

Message me here.

Who I am.

I recently took a DNA test. There are the results: I’m about 50% (South/West) European, 30% (West) African, 5% Native American, and the rest, miscellaneous.

I’ve always felt a connection to people of many ethnic communities — both tangible and not. This just validates that.

In my personal fight against racism, even against those thoughts that are unconsciously embedded within me, I am reminded that discriminating against people of these different communities is like discriminating against and hating these parts of myself.

We don’t know what secret stories our blood has to tell, but oftentimes, they can connect us more to our past and more to each other.


EC 1EC 2EC 3EC 4


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